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sheetblok revac sound barrier mat UK
Please Note: This product is very heavy and larger orders will require help with offloading

Budget soundproofing mats can be used as a sole sound barrier layer, or as part of a multilayer composite with other materials such as sound absorbing foam and carpet.

These soundproofing mat sheets can improve the sound insulation properties of lightweight plasterboard partitions and floors. Two to three layers can be used on hard floors to reduce noise transfer in domestic situations.
sheetblok soundproofing revac soundbarrier mat

It can be used in ceiling constructions, walls etc. and can in some situations almost double the soundproofing performance of a lightweight stud partition.

Simply lay down the mats butted tightly together. Joints should ideally be taped with our 75mm wide aluminium duct tape. Sheets should be butted up to the edges of the room with any cutting required being done where the sheets meets in the middle of the room. Successive layers should be alternated i.e. lay the first layer from left to right and the second layer from back to front to that any seams are not directly under each other.
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SBM5 soundproofing revac sheetblok sound barrier mats
Our Spray Adhesive is ideal for sticking these mats to floors, walls and ceilings.

Recently we have had customers assume that these mats will also be suitable for uprating concrete floors and walls - this is not the case. They should only be used for lightweight stud partitions or wooden floors otherwise the improvement gained will not be enough. For concrete walls you need to use our CAD20 panels or our resilient bar system and for concrete floors you need to look at our Quietfloor Slabs or our IsoBase R50 systems.

A 3dB improvement is not equal to a 50% reduction to the perceived volume of noise as some marketing departments will have you believe.

This product is not designed for impact / vibration reduction. Putting one of these under a washing machine is not effective.

They are also not made from a material that will effectively 'decouple' anything as some companies claim. If you are unsure about the applications of this product please email us.

Please also note: This product is not a true visco-elastic material. It has no real effective visco-elastic damping properties. If you are looking for a high performance heavy weight polymer damping membrane with visco-elastic properties please see our Tecsound T50 range here.

Technical Details
Sheet Size
SRI (3mm material)
Nominal Thickness
(FMVSS 302)
Service Temp.
(securely fixed)
900mm x 1200mm
5Kg/m² (+/- 10%)
2.5mm (+/- 20%)

Self extinguishing
<90°C for extended periods
<120°C for short periods
Soundproofing Mat NRC Data
125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1kHz 2kHz 4kHz SRI

Sound Barrier Mats Revac Sheetblok Alternative

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