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EPDM / NEOPRENE Sponge Rubber

Elongation - Minimum:>150%
Temperature Range:-40°C / +80°C
Tear Resistance:>0.5kN/m
Water Absorption:<5% Vol
Compression Deflection 25%:25-50 kpa
Tensile Strength Kpa:>400 Kpa
Flame Resistance:FMVSS302 Self-Extinguishing
Shore Hardness:approx. 50-55

  • Available in rolls, sheets, coils or cut parts
  • Air & UV Resistant
  • Medium swell in oil
  • CFC & HCFC Free
  • Ozone Resistant

    The above figures are average values.
    We recommend evaluation prior to use to ascertain the suitability of this material for specific applications.
  • neoprene sponge

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