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Acoustic Underlay for Laminate Flooring


This is a superb, heavy duty, heavy weight, acoustic underlay designed specifically to reduce the transfer of impact noise (walking/footfall) through floating laminate, engineered wood and solid timber floors. It also has an excellent Sone rating which means it also damps and reduces the amount of reflected walking around noise being thrown back into the room. The main problem with wooden/laminate floors is that when you walk on them much more impact as well as airborne noise is produced (due to the hard surface) and this can often be a nuisance to the people living below as well as inside the room where the flooring is laid.

This product comprises a 3.5mm layer of high density resilient rubber sponge with a foil faced moisture barrier laminated to one side. Easily cut with a knife or scissors and when used in conjunction with our Tecsound 50 super soundproofing membrane first will provide both impact AND airborne noise reduction through the floor for minimal height rise.
acoustic laminate underlay


Simply roll out the underlay across the floor foil side down. The joints should be butted tightly together and joins should be sealed with our self adhesive aluminium tape. The underlay should be lapped up the side walls to prevent the wood floor from touching the walls. Skirting board should be kept away from the wood floor finish by the underlay. Any excess can be trimmed back before finishing with acoustic sealant around the perimeter.


Weighted Impact Sound Improvement Index (Delta Lw) 24dB

Sone wood/laminate flooring test
Drum sound emission (Overall loudness)
Typical 2.5mm PE Foam=77 Sone - this product tested at only 53 Sone

Roll Size:-11m x 1.37m
Weight:-approx. 3Kg/m²

acoustic laminate underlay

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