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Plasterboard Drywall Screws
plasterboard drywall screws  
Plasterboard Drywall Screws

Self tapping screws designed specifically for fixing our resilient bars to timber joists or wall studwork.

Also used to fix the plasterboard onto the Resilient Bars.

Suitable screw lengths should be determined by the thickness of plasterboard being applied.

You need to get a minimum of a 10mm fix into resilient bars and a minimum of a 25mm fix into timber.

Its not a problem if you use screws longer than necessary but you must not use screws that are too short.

In most situations you can just use 42mm long screws for fitting the bars and all the plasterboard. Chosing one length also means that a contractor is unlikely to use the wrong length screws which is possible if you have three different lengths for a system instalation.

As an example, to secure the boarding for:
2 no. 12.5mm plasterboard use 38mm screws and
2 no. 15mm plasterboards use the 42mm screws.

Available lengths:
25mm (boxes of 1000)
38mm (boxes of 1000)
42mm (boxes of 1000)
50mm (boxes of 1000)
75mm (boxes of 500)

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