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Fire & Acoustic Sealant


This Fire & Acoustic Sealant is a high quality, highly flexible, acoustic grade sealant. It has been assessed to BS476: Part1987 giving up to 4 hours fire resistance in suitable structures depending on depth and gap. It cures to form a tough tack free seal with excellent adhesion to a wide variety of building surfaces including plaster and wood.

  • PREPARATION: Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, oil, grease and other loose materials.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Four Hour Fire Rating
  • TESTED TO BS 476 PART22: Performance assured if used correctly
  • COVERAGE: Approx. 11 linear metres of a 6mm bead
When building an acoustic structure or trying to sdeal a gap around the perimeter of an acoustic partition you need to make sure you use a suitable flexible sealant (or caulk). Many customers go and use something like gripfill but this is no use at all as it goes off hard and does not allow for a flexible connection.

Also beware of using cheap sealants or intumescent versions. These sealants simply do not provide enough elasticity to accomodate joint movement. They harden over time and will crack at the slightest sign of movement thus creating a crack for sound to flood back through.

There are many sealants on the market that are branded acoustic sealants but really they are low quality versions, bought in bulk, and re-branded at manufacture and often have very small movement accomodation. If you seal a 5mm gap with a sealant that has a 10% movement accomodation that means a 0.5mm shrink or swell will cause a crack. Timber structures contuinually expand and contract with temperature and humidity so it is vital to use something with at least a 25% movement accomodation.

NOTES: Safety data sheet available for professional users on request.

Main Uses:
For joints in compartment walls and floors, expansion joints, seals around lightweight partitioning, around fire rated doors and in service penetration seals where the integrity of a firewall needs to be maintained.

Size: 310ml Cartridge
Colour: White

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