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Even in new build houses and flats, that are built using the correct materials and methods, loud noise produced by music and shouting etc will always be heard and can be particularly worse in the evening when normal daytime background noises have stopped and the ambient background noise is therefore much less.

If you are suffering from noise problems travelling through a wall we offer two basic solutions:-

CAD20-WP wall panels can be used on brick or stud walls to greatly increase the acoustic performance. These simply glue to the existing wall and have two additional layers of plasterboard glued directly on top. This system takes up the minimum of space (50mm) and still produces good results of 48dB DnT,W+Ctr.

To improve on the performance of CAD20-WP the second alternative is to build an isolated stud partition across the existing wall but spaced further away than 100mm and include resilient bars and at least two layers of our soundproofing mat in the construction. The studwork must NOT be in contact with the existing wall. Acoustic mineral wool should be placed in the cavity space. The front face of the studwork should be a minimum of 100mm away from the existing wall. Click here to see below as an animated movie:-
This is for guidance only. If you are unsure about your DIY skills it may be better to contact an experienced builder.
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