domestic soundproofing products

noise control and acoustic design consultants  
From its headquarters in Hampshire, Custom Audio Designs Ltd oversees the running of its Acoustic Consultancy, Design, Manufacturing, Commercial and Domestic Divisions.

Custom Audio Designs Ltd set up the UK's first Domestic Soundproofing Division back in 1995 to supply suitable commercially available products to the domestic consumer for noise issues within domestic homes.

noise control and acoustic design consultants   Our Commercial division supplies a very comprehensive range of specialist acoustic and noise control products. However, the range is so large it became a struggle for domestic customers to know which products to choose and so, our Domestic Division was established to offer a more streamlined range of popular, simple to install, effective materials.

Unlike many domestic soundproofing suppliers we have a qualified technical team to help you and our own warehouse facilities which means the majority of our products are usually in stock. With over 15 years in the industry call on our experienced IOA qualified advice for new build or conversion projects.