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Separating Timber Floors / Timber Joist Floor / 54 RwdB + Ctr  -  56 LnwdB Application

Sound Reduction Performance
Acoustic Requirement: New Build
Airborne: 45 DnTw+CtrdB
Impact: 62 LnTwdB
Acoustic Requirement: Refurbishment
Airborne: 43 DnTw+CtrdB
Impact: 64 LnTwdB
Components and Fixing Data:
  • 1 x 18mm T&G Chipboard (screwed to)
  • Timber Joists (240 x 48mm at 400mm centres. Joist size to suit application)
  • 52mm Acoustic Quilt (beneath joists)

Independant Ceiling:
  • Timber Joists (100 x 48mm on hangers at 400mm centres)
  • 2 x 15mm Acoustic Plasterboard (screwed to independant joists)
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Technical Data:
Mass per Unit Area:
Footprint Width:
Fire Protection:

60 minutes
Adding our Acoustic Membrane between the 2 layers of 15mm plasterboard will improve the above system by between 4-5dB
Adding Resilient Bars on the independant ceiling joists will improve the above system by around 3-5dB
Adding soundproofing mats to the top floor will improve the above system by around 3-6dB
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